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VIP Partner

Alan McComas

  Primary Area of Focus:

Alan is a managing partner of a consulting firm in Columbus, Ohio.  He has been with the firm since 1984.  Alan’s reputation is impeccable and he is known for his integrity and honesty in all aspects of his life.   

Alan has been a real estate investor for over thirty years.  His investment experience consists of residential, commercial, landlording, rehabbing, short sales, bank reo’s and lease purchase options along with many other types of creative ways to help property owners.

Alan started another real estate investing company “Complete Homeowner Solutions, LLC” in 2009 for the sole purpose of helping homeowners all across the country in these crazy times.  He has invested a lot of time and resources into his real estate investing experience and continues to keep up with the current real estate market and trends.  He is passionate about finding creative real estate solutions for all situations.  Alan say’s “It’s not about real estate, it’s about people and problem solving.  He takes pride in being a great problem solver to accomplish a win-win situation for all parties.

Alan has known TC and Vikki Bradley for several years and is proud to be part of their team with other talented like minded individuals with creativity, integrity and honesty in the real estate investment community.

You may contact Alan at amccomas@columbus.rr.com or call 614-358-1602. 


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