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VIP Partner

Chris Hamric

  Primary Area of Focus:

Chris Hamric retired from her corporate administrative career of 32 years in 1998, after which she began to form alliances leading to the formation of her successful private real estate investment business, ARE Network, LLC.  Her first real estate investment deal (a Lease Purchase), however, was back in 1978—long before events led her into the business full time. 

Today Chris has narrowed her real estate interests to the area of residential Lease Purchases, with equal emphasis on working with Buyers and Sellers.  Chris enjoys working with property owners, home buyers and industry professionals such as TC and Vickie Bradley, with whom she has worked  for several years. Helping people through the complexities and stress of their Lease Purchase deals is both challenging and rewarding.  Chris is passionate about her interests and success in real estate investing, and enjoys the freedom and satisfaction it has always afforded her. 

Wife of a former Special Forces officer, mother and grandmother, Chris has worn many hats in her personal life and business career.  Always with a Boxer or two in tow, she has even managed to do occasional foster work for the local San Diego Boxer Rescue.

Chris has watched the real estate industry cycle through its changes over the decades and knows that, to remain successful as a private real estate investor, she must keep up with those changes and focus on what is working today ... not yesterday.

Chris and her husband of 45 years reside in beautiful San Diego, CA. 

You can reach Chris via email at chris@arenetworkllc.com, or, on her direct line at:  619-589-9446 


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