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VIP Partner

Kasey Hasko

  Primary Area of Focus:
Kasey has been in Sales, Marketing and Management for 30 years. She managed a Nutri-System Weight Loss Center – helped hundreds of people lose weight and feel great! She produced Career Fairs and helped families get jobs, several years later she attended a privately owned school in Arizona and became a Certified Bonnie Prudden Master Myotherapist.

She uses her elbow to help people alleviate pain and limited range of motion.

Currently, she works for a Chemical Resistant Coating Manufacturer. She builds and develops Rep Firms that market a specialized chemical-resistant coating for the heavy industrial world. Bottom line – if someone has a corrosion problem she can help solve it.

Kasey is very grateful to have the opportunity to work with TC and Vickie Bradley. They have extended their hands and hearts so that all of us can help all of you. We have a unique approach. We service a "niche" market. So, when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, WE'RE ALL HERE FOR YOU and you will see activity. And that activity will bring results!

You many contact Kasey at: 440-670-3516


New Life Vision, LLC
1616 W. Cape Coral Parkway #231
Cape Coral, Florida 33914


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